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波兰热舒夫信息技术与管理大学校长Tadeusz Pomianek教授

From the beginning, it has been the philosophy of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow to provide high quality educational programmes designed for young people who seek knowledge, skills and who wish to become competitive on the job market and pursue successful careers in the age of knowledge.
Our staff put a lot of effort to provide and maintain high level of educational and scientific research standards. An ongoing assessment of market demands and the University’s flexible structure allow us to upgrade, improve and adjust our educational offer to market needs on a continuous basis. UITM is among top market leaders in the application of the latest IT solutions in the teaching process. On the grounds of an international collaboration, our students have the opportunity to undertake periods of study or work experience abroad. Thanks to that,they can get to know other countries’ culture, customs and make friends with their peers all over the world.
Our university offers intellectual challenge and stimulation, a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as assistance in every matter.
Are you ready for one your of life’s great adventures?